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I understand that, in accordance with Florida Statute 443.131(3)(a)(2). If hired, I will be placed on a 90-day introductory period. I further understand that if I am terminated for unsatisfactory work performance within the 90-day introductory period, the employer may seek to contest any unemployment benefit I might attempt to obtain as a result of my termination.

I understand and agree that all policies, procedures, and the Employee Handbook may be modified, amended, or deleted by the Company with or without notice to me of such amendment, modification or deletion; that the policies and procedures are not intended to be a contract of employment nor do they give me a right of continued employment; and that my employment may be terminated at my option or at the option of the Company with or without notice by either party. I also understand that there are no other arrangements, agreements, or understandings regarding the terms of employment. There may be no amendments or exceptions to this statement unless they are in writing and signed by the president.

I understand that I will be required to undergo a urinalysis screening for drug or alcohol use and background screening as part of our pre-employment process. In addition, all employees are subject to a random urinalysis screening for drug or alcohol use.

I understand that in the duration of employment if Royal Poinciana Golf Club becomes aware that the information provided in this application is false it will be grounds for immediate termination.

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