Guest Info

Dress Code and Conduct

Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of acceptable attire throughout the Club.


General Clubhouse and Dining Guidelines

1. Country Club Casual attire is permitted throughout the Clubhouse at all times. Definition – tucked in collared shirt and slacks, with jackets optional. 
2. Jacket and tie will only be required for certain events and activities as specified in the Poinciana Pulse and email blasts.
3. Blue denim or blue jeans are not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse or 19th Hole.
4. Hats and caps are to be removed by gentlemen in all areas of the Clubhouse and the 19th Hole.
5. Boys age 12 and older, gentlemen's dress code guidelines apply.
6. Club Functions and Events – Deviations from these guidelines will be noted in the Poinciana Pulse and email blasts.
7. Private Parties and Outside Events – Deviations from these guidelines must be approved in advance by the Director of Clubhouse Operations.
8. The RP Red Jacket is acceptable throughout the Clubhouse at all times and in lieu of tux jackets at formal events.

Guidelines by Dining Location

1. Grille: Golf and tennis attire permitted before 6:00 pm, with Country Club Casual after 6:00 pm.
2. Sixteen Hundred Terrace, MDC Lounge and Bar, and 19th Hole: Golf and tennis attire permitted at all times.
3. Sundays: Country Club Casual, golf and tennis attire permitted in all dining locations.
4. Summer Guidelines: Mother's Day through November 1, Country Club Casual and golf attire permitted in all dining locations. 


Guidelines for Golf

1. To maintain golf's traditional decorum, men shall wear tucked in shirts with both sleeves and collars along with tailored slacks or Bermuda length shorts no more than 4 inches above the knee. Cargo shorts are not permitted. 
2. Women shall wear slacks, capris, shorts, skirts, and dresses that are mid-thigh or longer in length. Shirts must have collars or sleeves. Short shorts, blue jeans, tank-tops, halter tops, tennis attire or workout clothes are not permitted.


Guidelines for Tennis, Pickleball and Sports Activities

1. Suitable tennis and pickleball clothes are items of clothing designed specifically for tennis and sold in tennis shops.
2. Men shall wear tennis shirts with both sleeves and collars.
3. Only Club logos and apparel manufacturer's logos are permitted.
4. Leggings are permitted under skirts or shorts.
5. Swimwear tops and bottoms should not be excessively revealing, and must be appropriate in the presence of Members, families, and guests. Tops should be securely fastened at all times.


Smoking Policy

The entire Clubhouse and the 19th Hole, including the screened areas, are "non-smoking areas."


Personal Electronic Devices

Personal Electronic Devices (cell phones, tablets/iPads, smart watches and electronic readers) may be used in silent mode (with no sound and no verbal communication or interaction) for reading or reference in all areas of the Club and Clubhouse, including areas where food is served. 
On the golf course, practice areas and adjacent areas, silent camera and GPS applications are permitted.   
Voice communication on cell phones is not permitted on the Club premises or grounds with the following exceptions: 
  1. Cell phones may be used for medical emergency.
  2. Cell phones may be used on the golf course to report cart difficulties to the Golf Shop.
  3. Calls may be made from automobiles while parked in the parking lot.
  4. Calls may be made from the Men's Locker Room phone booths, and on the outside patio of  the Women's Locker Room.

Tipping and Gratuities

It is not acceptable for guests to give gratuities to Bag Storage, Locker Room or Food and Beverage staff.


Valet Parking

Tipping is permitted at the guest's discretion.